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 Leo's Application

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PostSubject: Leo's Application   Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:00 pm

Player name: Leoinpharoh

Char name:Micheal Leoin Pharoh


Paragon Path: (decide at lvl 11)

Epic Destiny: (decided at lvl 21)


Exp: 7,850/10,000






Weight:175 lb.

Character Background: Leoin lived at the monastery in Podina for most of his life, learning their ways. As a final rite of passage, Leoin was sent out into the world to do as much good as he could. He then finds himself traveling, with many people, and fighting life threatening creatures. He is looking for that final feat that will tell him that he is a man, so that he may return to the monastery with pride. He doesn't know how or why he was at the monastery to begin with, only that he was put there for a good reason.

He had become trained in his fists, and the staff is his favorite weapon. If all else fails, he will go to blows, with just his fists, but prefers not to.

Appearance: Black hair, deep brown eyes, wears light clothing to cover his chest and legs, light leather boots. Carries a staff on his back and always one in his hand. Inside his cloak that he wears, he has many shurikan that he uses when far from the enemy.

Mannerisms: Favorite saying- "Fail." "Only fools fight alone."

Personality Traits: Quiet and usually keeps to himself, though if around girls, can't seem to shut up. In a fight, he is serious at all times and will protect his friends even if it means his life.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: None

Adventuring Company: (I will be creating this group soon fyi) The Guardians

Companions meet:None

Initiative total dex 1/2 lvlmisc
Initiative 11

Speed (square)Total Base Armour Item Misc
Speed (square)7600 1(2 at lvl11

Abilityability scoreability mod ability mod 1/2 lvl
strength 100 3
constitution 16 3 6
dexterity20 5 8
intelligence 8-12
wisdom14 2 5
charisma12 1 4

Max HP:28 Bloodied:14 Healing Surge Value: 7 Surges/Day:10

Skill NameAbility usedTotal BonusAbility Mod 1/2 lvlTrained( 5)Armour PenMisc.
Acrobaticsdex 13
X0 0
Arcanaint 2
00 0
Athleticsstr 00 0 00
Bluffcha 1 4
0 00
Diplomacycha 1 4
0 0 0
Dungeoneeringwis 2 6
00 0
Endurancecon 11
Healwis 10
X0 0
Historyint -12
0 0 0
Insightwis 2 5
0 0 0
Intimidatecha 1 4
0 00
Naturewis 2 5
0 00
Perceptionwis 10
X 0 0
Religionint -12
0 00
Stealthdex 13 8
X 0 0
Streetwise cha 1 4
0 00
Thieverydex 5 8
0 0 0

Defense Name Total Score 10 1/2 lvl Ability mod/ Armour on AcClass Feat Enh Misc Misc
Armour Class 22
13 4 2 3000
Fortitude 1813 3 100 1 Racial0
Reflex1913 4 100 1 Racial0
Will1713 2 100 1 Racial0

Race Features:
Bonus At-Will Power: You know one extra at-will power from your class.

Bonus Feat: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the feat’s prerequisites.

Bonus Skill: You gain training in one additional skill from your class skill list.

Human Defense Bonuses: 1 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses.

Class/ Path/ Destiny Features:
You can make unarmed attacks with much greater effectiveness than most other combatants can. When you make a weapon attack such as a melee basic attack. you can use the monk unarmed strike, which is a weapon in the unarmed weapon group. This weapon has the off-hand weapon property and a 3 proficiency bonus. and it deals 1d8 damage. You must have a hand free to use your monk unarmed strike, even if you're kicking, kneeing, elbowing, or head-butting a target. Your monk unarmed strike can't be turned into a magic weapon. but it can benefit from a magic ki focus if you have one

While you are wearing cloth armor or no armor and
aren't using a shield, you gain a 2 bonus to AC.

Monastery School: Iron Soul
Flurry of Blows: You gain the iron soul fury of blows power.

Mental Arsenal: While wielding a weapon other than one in the unarmed weapon group, you gain a 1 shield bonus to AC.

Languages Known: Common, Elven

Passive Sense Total Base Skill Bonus
Passive Insight 1210 2
Passive Perception 1710 7

Ability used Total Bonus 1/2 lvl Ability Class Prof Feat Enh Misc
(str normally)
(will tell if something else is used)

Damage Workspace
Ability Used Damage (_d_ Mod) Ability mod Feat Enh Misc Misc

Basic Attack
Attack Defense Weapon or power Damage (_d_)

Feats: Un-armored Agility, Iron Parry, Fluid Motion, Action Surge, unfailing vigor

At will Powers:

Iron Soul Flurry of Blows:

Dragon's Tail:

Five Storms:

Lion’s Den:

Encounter powers:

Swift River Floods:

Enduring Champion:

Daily powers:

Whirling Mantis Step:

Thunderbolt Surge:

Utility Powers:

Fall of Wind:

Iron Heart Endurance:


Magic equipment:(describe its effect beside it in ()

Equipment: Cloth armor, Two quarterstaves, 20 shuriken 20 rations, bedroll, flint and steel, 2 flasks, 50g
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Leo's Application
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