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 Special Abilitys

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PostSubject: Special Abilitys   Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:37 pm

As people develop, they tend to discover things about themselves that they never knew. Power manifests itself in different ways in each person, such as the use of magic, or great physical strength. However, some people manifest power in unique ways, showing special abilitys.

Abilitys are an alternate path to power from the normal skills. Each character can gain up to three abilitys for free, to show their individual nature. More abilitys can be selected at the cost of a skill slot.

To gain an ability, first you must qualify for a quest. Before starting the quest, you must alert the moderator running your quest that you would like an ability instead of a skill as a reward that month. This does not take one of you're skill slots, unless you already have three or more abilitys. This simply means that you will not earn a skill for that month.

Then you must send the information of the ability to the moderator, who will give it a number based on its power, either a 10, 15, 20, or 25. A 10 is a lesser ability, a 15 is a normal ability, a 20 is a greater ability, and a 25 is a master ability. If an ability seems too overpowered, you will be asked to weaken it, or change it.

At the end of the quest, the moderator will do a randomizer test based out of 20 to see if you recieve the ability. You must recieve your number or higher to gain the ability. You will recieve a number boost of how many skills you posses to the number, reflecting the tendancy for stronger power to more easily manifest itself. If you fail the test, you will recieve no reward for the quest, but it does not take up one of your free skill slots.

The ability will not be perfect right away. It will require use over the rest of the month (real time) to use completely. however, this can be normal use, and does not require dedicated training.

Every ability leaves a constantly visable mark on the user, and appears wherever the power comes from. If it comes from the entire body or the mind, there is a large mark on the forehead. Marks cannot be in hard to see places, such as inside the armpit, or behind the knee. When an ability test is failed, it leaves the mark as it would've been, but warped, and the color muted.

Ability: (name)
Level: (lesser, normal, greater, or master. What you believe it should be (mod's discrection.)
Number: (10, 15, or 20. What you believe it should be (mod's discrection.)
Mark: ( visable mark, mod can tell you to change.)
Powers:( what it can do)

Ability: Shield arm
Level: Normal ability
Number: 15
Mark: Large purple circle on forearms
Powers: Ability to form shields of pure force from arms. Shields can be changed to different shapes and sizes, if the user has seen that type of shield. Fatuiges slowly while using. Spikes can be added to shield to attack, and can absorb small amount of physical damage and add to energy. Can be broken, and new shield takes 3 posts to form again.
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Special Abilitys
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