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 Races Of Illia

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PostSubject: Races Of Illia   Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:06 pm

Here is the list of races.

the basic race, they have the ability to start with two skills and total at eleven. The additional skill they gain does not have to be within one of their three branches.
Abilities- they have no special abilitys.
Element- they are aligned with no element, and can be members of any tribe, and are more common then the other races.


Able to fly, have wings and scales and generally have horns or claws.
Abilities: They have the ability to fly.
Element: They are aligned with the fire element, can only be members of the fire tribe.

Small, good at hiding, and generally a good work ethic.
Abilities: Illusion and good at digging. LV 2 Illusion
Element: They are aligned wth the lightning element.

Living underneath the ground, and trading valuable ore and weapons for most of their supplies.
Abilities: stamina or crafting lv 2.
Element: They are aligned with the earth element.

High Elf:The leaders of the light alliance. While they have no actually athority over the others, they tend to be a bit arrogent.
Abilites: Any divine lv 1 and elf highened senses.
Element: They are alinged with the Light Element.


Dark Elves:
They can see in almost complete darkness. The leaders of the dark alliance. They tend to be a bit distrustion towards others, even allies.
Abilities: Any arcane lv 1, highrened senses and night vision
Element: They are alinged with the Dark element.

The bird folk's name speaks for its self, they can fly for a long period of time, have wings and feathers and often have talons or a beak
Abilities: flight
Element: They are aligned with the wind element.

Wood Elves: Skilled in survival, and possessing extensive knowledge of herbs and poisons, and survival in harsh conditions.
Abilities: posion/herbs or survival lv 2 and elven hightened senses
Element: They are alinged with the Nature element.

They have both lungs and gills, scales, and webbed toes and fingers while in the water.
Abilities: breathing water, fast swimming, and agility lv 1.
Element: They are aligned with the water element.
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Races Of Illia
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