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 Moderator Rules

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PostSubject: Moderator Rules   Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:50 am

Moderator's Rules

To be a moderator on this site, there is one thing that you need to know, and know it well. You are not above ANYONE on the site. You are treated the same as any of the other players, and the reason you are a moderator is because you wish to make a roleplay for the members of the site to play in. You make the rules of your roleplay, as long as they coincide with the sites initial rules. You make the arcs, and the character choices, it is yours to do with as you please. If you need help, ask someone to help you. You may also take up ONE co-moderator to help you create your roleplay, that will have moderation powers with you. If there are two of you, the roleplays rules and etc. are meant to be between you two, though if you wish for an admins input, simply ask. Just remember the first thing in this post, you are not above anyone, and if you try and swing your power over other people (without good reason) you will be striped of your position and it will be put up for grabs for others to take. Remember that well, and that anything you would put as a rule will be looked over and can be over turned by an admin.

Now if you wish to be a moderator, you must fill in this application and either PM it to an admin, or post it in the given thread.

Click the word template to view it.

When making a roleplay, know that there are three types of roleplays: Free form, System, and Set.

Free form: This form is simple and has no real set system to progress your character, you start as a character and you go through out the story with the same character and you progress as you see fit. Free form allows full creativity, but then also allows for more bending of the rules to fit the roleplay. Be very careful if you plan to moderate a free form rp.

System: A system roleplay, is one with a system of progression throughout the roleplay and allows for players to feel almost a sense of accomplishment while their characters grow and progress, becoming stronger and stronger with each passing week. There are three types of systems: Points system, Math system, Site system. The choice of which to pick, is completely yours. And you completely have control over what the system deals with, with different types and attacks and etc.

Set: This is a system that is written down and sold out commercially. A common example is Dungeons and Dragons. If you choose this system, you must use the set rules from the game, and the only real thing you have control over are the arcs and the world design itself.

To show what I mean about the different Systems, here are the 3 types in detail:

Points: This is sort of like free form, but it gives the players sort of a guideline as to what their characters can do. Saying that if they have so much stamina (example) they can fight longer, or so much speed they can run faster. Its a very loose yet strict system at the same time, and a common favorite among many.

Math: This system is fully based on numbers, that give math stats for situations that you then take away from your stats. This is about as strict as the systems go, either you have the stats to do what you want, or you dont... simple as that.

Site: This is the sites personal system, you can make your system this one for ease of complication, but everyone will have this system secondary, so that if there are any interdemensional events, all roleplays can participate and will be able to win something for their character in roleplay. This system is a points system that is sort of open to interpretation. The way it works, is there is one stat that will grow with each passing week according to how much you post during that week. For each post you do, you will gain a point, in which you will gain 100 Power Rating for each point. Once you reach 1,000 Power rating you will gain 5 points to place into any of your stats. Your moderator will make these stats according to which roleplay they are in, but they will have to be somewhere along the lines of:

A stat to show strength
A stat to show speed
A stat to show how well you can do your techniques/powers
A stat to show how much fighting you can handle

These can be combined or spread out as much as the moderator would like. But that must be what is within the stats themselves. As for the points, your posts will be monitored and any power posting, will be negated. Meaning small post after small post after small post will be negated. And some posts if long enough will be rewarded even greater points. At the end of each week, please post your post submission in the correct thread and if you have a post that seems worth more then one point, put a note about the post and an admin will look at it. A full site ranking sheet will be updated each week. If you are missed please notify an admin about it.

Thats the basic over view for moderators, if I have left out anything or if you have questions please feel free to tell/ask an admin.
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Moderator Rules
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