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 The Site's General Rules

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PostSubject: The Site's General Rules   Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:16 am

Site's Roleplaying Rules
By signing up for this site, you acknowledge all these rules and abide by them. Rules are subject to change to moderators preferences.

1.There are three head moderators on this site, Leoinpharoh, Khaione Pharoh and Dominc. They're word is final, on ANY subject, Rp or otherwise. No arguements after they have passed judgement will be heard and if it persists, you will be muted.

2. There are other mods for a reason, if you have an issue, contact the moderator in charge of the section in question. If they do not have an answer you seek, then pm a head moderator.

3. Don't troll... period. If you are caught trolling, you will be banned for one hour, and it will triple each time you are caught.

4. There is absolutely NO GODMODDING!!! If you do not have permission from any party you GM'd, not only your post will be voided, but anything you would post the entire week will be voided. This also goes for any metagaming.

5. Some of the contents of this site may not be suitable for some age groups. That being said, anything you see/do here is at your discretion. This could mean, cuss words, violent sequences, maybe even some sexual stuff along the way (that last one is used loosely, I DO NOT want porn posted on this site! And use your cuss words very lightly, anyone caught using too much profanity will be warned for first offense and temporary banned for second. If you proceeed to keep doing such you may be banned for life.)

6. The moderators of each section have different rules of their own. Yes, in some places they may be the same, but not in all. With that, I mean that all rules will be checked by the head moderators and we will make sure that fairness is a factor. So yes, if the moderators enforce a new rule, it is legit and you are to abide by it. And especially with DnD, if your someone who has played for awhile and/or thinks you know everything about DnD, then you also know in the DM Guide it says they are guidelines DM's are the gods of their worlds and what they say goes.

7. One last rule for now, when people tell you to stfu, that means its possibly a good idea to do so. So heed the warning and stfu before a mod gets on and makes you.

Anyone who does not abide by this rule, we will throw you under a train :3

Signed by your mods,
Leoinpharoh Khaione Pharoh & Dominc

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PostSubject: Site's System   Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:56 am

This site has its own system to allow interaction between the roleplay worlds in special events. The way it works, is there is one stat that will grow with each passing week according to how much you post during that week. For each post you do, you will gain a point, in which you will gain 100 Power Rating for each point. Once you reach 1,000 Power rating you will gain 5 points to place into any of your stats. Your moderator will make these stats according to which roleplay they are in, but they will have to be somewhere along the lines of:

A stat to show strength
A stat to show speed
A stat to show how well you can do your techniques/powers
A stat to show how much fighting you can handle

These can be combined or spread out as much as the moderator would like. But that must be what is within the stats themselves. As for the points, your posts will be monitored and any power posting, will be negated. Meaning small post after small post after small post will be negated. And some posts if long enough will be rewarded even greater points. At the end of each week, please post your post submission in the correct thread and if you have a post that seems worth more then one point, put a note about the post and an admin will look at it. A full site ranking sheet will be updated each week. If you are missed please notify an admin about it.

Also, there are no limits to how many points you can gain per week, and unless your moderator wants it to be the same system, this will not affect your in game RP at all. Until, however, there is a inter-dimensional tournament that takes place, at which point the winner will gain a prize/reward of some kind. These are to be implemented once per month on the 21st of each month. It is, and I stress, is a fight to the death. Meaning if your opponent wishes to do so, they can kill you in this tournament. That does not mean that you have to kill them, you are just given the option to, and this will result in a rp death as well. More rules can be found in the appropriate thread.

This system is secondary to every rp's regular system. Even if you are in a free form rp, this system goes for you too. Unless you KNOW you won't want to participate in any of the events taking place, then you do not need to post submissions. Anyone, no matter how much you rp, who does not submit a post submission before 1 A.M. Central Chicago Time, will not recieve their posts for that week. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

If I have forgot something or if there are questions please notify me, or another admin.
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The Site's General Rules
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