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 Shedding a Light on things

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PostSubject: Shedding a Light on things   Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:46 pm

So in light of everything, I, the head admin of RPGenius, have decided that it is taking too damn long to put every race, class and rule from the D&D books up on the site. As a result, here I will be posting links to downloads where there will be pdfs of the books. Though I tell you now, that the rules in the book ARE NOT FINAL! They are subject to change from mine, or any other admin's whims. And a DM may have their own set of rules. So just because the book says something, does not make it so. These links are to make it easier to get started up and get you to start playing. So if you have a question about anything, just ask me or any of the other admins and we will tell you the official ruling on it. If one admin tells you something, and another admin tells you something different AFTER the other admin told you before, tell the latter admin about it, and after they confirm it, then everything will be settled.

If any of these links are broken, please tell me, Leoinpharoh, and I will post a new one. Also note, that donators start at level 2. Also, donators are the only ones who have access to books other then the three player handbooks, and have the ability to become a DM.

Player Handbook 1
Player Handbook 2
Player Handbook 3

Expansion Books:

Arcane Power
Divine Power
Martial Power 1
Martial Power 2
Psionic Power
Primal Power
Heroes of Shadow

As another note, instead of listing the full powers and such, you no longer need to do that, unless you wish to do so. Instead, you may list the power and what book it is in. And for those of you who don't download all the books, you either have to ask someone if the power is right in what they say, or you can't dispute the power. If your too lazy to download the books, then its your fault.

Also, these are not ALL the books, but these are the ones we are using. The DM's will have access to the monster manuals and adventurers vaults and such to create their own and make their own dungeons and such.
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Shedding a Light on things
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