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 Nature Domain Capital

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PostSubject: Nature Domain Capital   Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:24 am

Kazama and his friends, Fira and Yogamei went down the rood looking for three things, the goblins, soilders and supplies. He was unaware of if they were alive or not but he had to make sure that the supplies were still there. It didn't matter if he or they died in the prosses, they were all expendable. The supplies on the other hand were important.

They were walking along the rode when they spotted a few goblins, four at the most. He wasn't sure as to what to do but then it hit him. He wispered, Fira, I need you to go around the trees for a surprise attack. She nodded and went in to the trees, disappearing behind them. He looked at Yogamei and and wispered, You do the same but go the other way. He nodded his head and went in to the trees disappearing. He waited a while before he ran up, shooting dust in to the air with his wind magic. He did that to hid his pressence until he felt like he was close enough. He pushed the dust in to the sky and shot vines at them. It hit one of them in the chest, the other hit it in the leg. He saw fira jump out and start shooting arrows at one of them.
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Nature Domain Capital
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