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 Actions In Combat

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PostSubject: Actions In Combat   Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:14 am

During your turn, you can choose from a wide variety of actions. Usually, the most important decision you make in combat is what to do with your standard action each turn. Do you use one of your powers? If so, which one? Or does the situation demand a different approach, such as using your standard action to drink a healing potion, try to call a parley and talk to your foes, or instead get a second move action this turn? This section describes how to perform the most common actions that are available to you on your turn. The list isn’t exhaustive—you can try to do anything you can imagine your character doing in the game world. The rules in this section cover the most common actions, and they can serve as a guide for figuring out what happens when you try something not in the rules.

Action Points:

Basic Attack:

Bull Rush:


Coup de Grace:





Opportunity Attack:


Second Wind:


Stand Up:

Total Defense:

Use a Power:

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Actions In Combat
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