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 Adventuring Gear Rules and facts

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PostSubject: Adventuring Gear Rules and facts   Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:12 am

From meals to torches, adventuring gear is essential to your party’s success. You’re assumed to start with basic clothing, and before your first adventure, you should equip yourself with weapons, armor, and other gear.

Standard Adventurer’s Kit: This kit includes all the items grouped beneath its entry on the table: a backpack, a bedroll, flint and steel, a belt pouch, two sunrods, ten days’ worth of trail rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, and a waterskin.

Ammunition: Arrows come in a quiver that holds thirty, crossbow bolts come in a case that holds twenty, and sling bullets come in a pouch that holds twenty. Ammunition is used up when you fire it from a projectile weapon.

Arcane Implement: Wizards use orbs, staffs, or wands as focus items for their spells, while warlocks use rods or wands. Using a nonmagical implement confers no benefit. You can purchase a magic implement to gain an enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with your arcane powers. A staff implement can also function as a quarterstaff.

Climber’s Kit: This kit includes all the items grouped beneath its entry: a grappling hook, a small
hammer, and ten pitons. When you use a climber’s kit, you gain a +2 bonus to Athletics checks for climbing. Everburning Torch: This torch never stops burning. It sheds magical light but no heat, so you can stow it in a bag or a pouch. You can’t set fire to anything with it.

Holy Symbol: This is a finely crafted symbol of precious metal that clerics and paladins use as a focus for their prayers. Using a nonmagical holy symbol confers no benefit. You can purchase a magic holy symbol to gain an enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when using your divine powers.

Journeybread: This magic bread fills the stomach and provides all necessary nutrients with only a few small bites, so you can carry food for a long journey without weighing yourself down.

Ritual Book: Ritual casters use a ritual book to store the rituals they have mastered.

Ritual Components: These items are needed by ritual casters. You purchase as many gold pieces worth of components as you need or can afford.

Spellbook: Wizards keep the daily spells, the utility spells, and the rituals they’ve learned in a spellbook.

Sunrod: This minor magic item sheds bright light to a radius of 20 squares for 4 hours before burning out.

Thieves’ Tools: To use the Thievery skill properly, you need the right picks and pries, skeleton keys, clamps, and so on. Thieves’ tools grant a +2 bonus to Thievery checks to open a lock or to disarm a trap.

You can find all these and at any store in any place, but some may have more than others. So it's always smart to fill up on supplies in a large town before going out on an adventure.
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Adventuring Gear Rules and facts
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