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 General Gear Shop

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PostSubject: General Gear Shop   Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:05 am

Standard adventurer’s kit (contents below*)15 gp33 lb.
Backpack (empty)*2 gp2 lb.
Bedroll*1 sp5 lb.
Flint and steel*1 gp
Pouch, belt (empty)*1 gp1/2 lb.
Rations, trail (10 days)*5 gp10 lb.
Rope, hempen (50 ft.)*1 gp10 lb.
Sunrods (2)*4 gp2 lb.
Waterskin*1 gp4 lb.
Arrows (30)+1 gp3 lb.
Crossbow bolts (20)+1 gp2 lb.
Sling bullets (20)+1 gp5 lb.
Arcane implement@
Orb@15 gp2 lb.
Rod@12 gp2 lb.
Staff@5 gp4 lb.
Wand@7 gp
Candle1 cp
Chain (10 ft.)30 gp2 lb.
Chest (empty)2 gp25 lb.
Climber’s kit&2 gp11 lb.
Grappling hook&1 gp4 lb.
Hammer&5 sp2 lb.
Pitons (10)&5 sp5 lb.
Everburning torch50 gp1 lb.
Fine clothing30 gp6 lb.
Flask (empty)3 cp1 lb.
Holy symbol10 gp1 lb.
Journeybread (10 days)50 gp1 lb.
Lantern7 gp2 lb.
Ritual book 50 gp3 lb.
Ritual componentsVaries
Rope, silk (50 ft.)10 gp5 lb.
Spellbook50 gp3 lb.
Tent10 gp20 lb.
Thieves’ tools20 gp1 lb.
Torch1 sp1 lb.

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General Gear Shop
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