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 Admin's Introduction

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PostSubject: Admin's Introduction   Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:07 am

Leoin's Intro:

Hello everyone,

My name is Leoin Pharoh, or Leo for short. I created this site because I love to roleplay, and I know that everyone that comes to this site will too. I am the creator of the site, but that is no reason to be intimidated by me AT ALL. I believe we are all equals in the creation of the site, and if you need me to do something, I will try to the best of my ability to do it for you, or have it done as soon as possible. The purpose of this site, isn't to just give someone, anyone, the means to roleplay. It is to give them a plethora of roleplays to pick from and play, and even play multiple at a time. It is a roleplayers euphoria, and if there is a roleplay you are thinking about making another site for, or a roleplay you would really like to see on RPGenius, then send me, or one of the other admins a PM and tell us your idea. Or, place it in the RPGenius Roleplay Ideas thread and you can even get feedback from your fellow roleplayers to see if they would think it's a good idea or not. I give my mods full reign over their roleplays and they are allowed to create whatever rules or systems they wish to roleplay with. But enough about that.

Let me tell you a little about myself, my real name is Nick Criswell, but please call me Leo on the site. I am a Cellphone tech engineer, meaning I work on the equipment at the bottom of the cellphone towers making them work and upgrade them, etc. I travel all over the country and therefore sometimes I can not be online to help you. This is the reason I have my other admins. I am also a college student, just out of high school and take my classes online so that I can still go out and work. There is only one thing that I ask of all the members of the site. Respect me, my staff, and each other, and you and I will get along. But if you disrespect people, you WILL get on my bad side, and I WILL ban you. Other then that, have fun guys and enjoy your stay. We're all a family here and I welcome you to that family. Thanks.

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PostSubject: Admin Intro   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:45 am

Hi guys names Dominc or dom for short. I'll probably be the Admin most commonly on. My real name is Dustin Poff please refer to me as Dominc on the site. I work as a bus boy/dishwasher as of right now. I am still in high school as a senior afterwords i plan upon moving to my collage campus major in computer programming and computer science. If u don't have a clue wat the mean i can do after words basically it means ill be able to build a brand new computer probably faster or just as fast as the newest on on the market from scratch with the correct materials of course and have my on specific programming to allow for better processing. I'm good friends with Leo and I honestly believe he thinks Ill be a good Admin or he wouldn't have made me one so don't be afraid to ask me for anything u need. Lastly please respect anyone that is on the site even ppl below u it is a big pet peeve of mine to watch someone not dis someone cause i spent my life having that done to me don't do it or it will be trouble for u ty. Ooo lastly if i am not on and u need info from me or another admin please be free to txt me at (270) 585-4610

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Khaione Pharoh

Khaione Pharoh

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PostSubject: Tiz just me   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:49 am

Alrighty... First off, I would like to say i am sorry for not being on the site very much. My name is Khaione Pharoh. Please refer to me as Khai for short. Accually, i really dont care what you call me, just as long as it isnt mean or degrading of course. It seems that Leo and Dom have already covered everything that is relevant to be said. Therefor, im not going to repeat them or myself. So heres a bit about me. My name is Kirsten York, I am a junior in high school and Close friends with both Dom and Leo. Im sure you can tell that Leo and i are a bit closer but thats prety obvious. Wink I am a band student and a waitrress at a cafe and I have to say its a fun place to work. I hope you have a lot of fun on the site and enjoy it as much as Dom, Leo and I will. Being a band student i wont be on as much as i would like for now. But i will be on periodically. Theres no need to be inimmidated by me at all (leo and dom better not say a word =_=") I am here to help and will be glad to help. I will try my best to help you with whatever or make sure it gets done as quickly as possible. So have fun and be nice!
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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Introduction   

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Admin's Introduction
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